SSKPI offer you the most feasible HR digital solutions and strategic consulting

SSKPI is one of the emergent technology companies in Vietnam working in the field of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Business management model. With the aim of building a smart management platform for businesses in Asia, SSKPI is now focusing on the software ecosystem of HR and Operations issues.

Funded by Japanese aid, we have shown significant advance in our solutions which are customized for application in Vietnamese businesses, as well as in other potential markets such as Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar, …

SSKPI is an organization of highly qualified members, specifically:

– In charge of product content: Experienced team of Human Resource Directors at Giovanni Group, Tecomen Group, EGroup Hungary, Cocacola, Highlands, Vingroup, CMC Group, Capital House, UNDP …

– In charge of technology: Professional product development in SaaS industry: CEO & CTO Sphinx Software, CEO & Founder Gostore (Sale Management System), Innovatube Product Development Manager, Micromoney International, Blueship Vietnam Branch Manager, …

– In charge of implementation: Dedicated and expert HR and IT team with years experience in business management and product innovation

We provide the best possible solutions for enterprises

1. Business software packages: Boosting business performance from a single place;

2. Management system consultation: Defining and addressing the problems by appropriate methods;

3. Software development: Innovating software for business progression.

Our philosophy

1. Customer satisfaction & staff performance are our principles.

2. We receive, analyze and handle all problems on comprehensive and long-term principles in order to ensure the sustainable supply of systematic products and services.

3. Strive to create an environment that motivates each member to continually improve.

We do that by: a clear promotion roadmap – regular internal training, well-deserved compensation policies by their evaluation.

Your success, our honor!

SSKPI is always looking for opportunities for partnership, expertise exchange, consulting to support businesses for mutual strong development Register now

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