What a business may encounter when manage people's performance?

In CEO's view

• Indistinct targets lead to undefined KPIs
• Get lost in real-time progress tracking
• Subjective assessment causes internal conflicts

In the company's view

• Effortless and time-consuming in building BSC-KPI system
• Targets of company - departments - individuals are not in sync
• Employees working inattentively

In employees' view

• Work plans are not tied to or motivated by goal achievement
• Misunderstanding of KPI as part of reward system under superiors control
• Inconvenience of reporting personal work efficiency


Managing business, employees and work performance from a single place

1. Ease of setting goals, KPIs with the help of SSKPI library

2. Develop work plan & target project

3. Track work progress, collaborate and interact effectively

4. Clear performance evaluation report & work result

1. Ease of setting goals, KPIs with the help of SSKPI library

  • Create goals, KPIs fast from SSKPI library
    5000+ KPIs suitable for 11 areas, 25 departments, 350 positions
    Clearly describe the goals, KPI's name, BSC aspects, calculation formulas, and data
  • Assign & align goals closely
    Determine flexible density and targets by year - quarter - month
    Allocate and link KPI from company - department - employee

2. Develop work plan & target project

  • Build work plans from goals, KPIs
    Create jobs and projects closely linked with the assigned KPI goals
    Clearly define the order of priority, the expected amount of time
  • Instructions for performing specific jobs
    Describe clearly the work requirements, implementation time, attachments, notes
    Choose an assignee, a coordinator, a follower ...

3. Track work progress, collaborate and interact effectively

  • Track detailed work implementations
    Progress update visualized in formats such as list, Kanban, Gantt Chart
    Inform members about working time and deadline
  • Facilitates exchange between members
    Give instructions, comments, evaluation and encouragement
    Update information, work status to coordinate processing

4. Clear performance evaluation report & work result

  • Automatically synthesized performance reviews
    Evaluate in detail the performance of business - departments - individuals
    Convenient for printing reports to sign, download data to calculate KPI rewards
  • Detailed work report
    Select job reports according to 14 flexible custom data fields
    Reports detail worklog, timesheet of individuals and departments

The perks of SSKPI


Developed by an experienced team of CEOs, project managers and senior managers.


Applying management by objectives method: goals setting - action planning – task implementing – performance evaluating

Monolistic Resources

The unique and custom-made set of +5000 KPIs library for industries – departments – job positions on the market

Secure & User-friendly

Protected by modern data security technology. Minimally designed, helps users manipulate quickly - neatly - effectively


Rocket performance of your company & employees over 200%!

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