Keep your work smarter, not harder

Reasons why you need a work management software

Motivated progress

To track and update the progress of projects or departments

Interactive collaboration

To create an environment for collaboration, cross-departmental support, and increase work efficiency

Insightful reports

To synthesize and report work data to evaluate performance and reward

SSTASK Software

Make work management more awesome beyond checklists and deadlines

Create task smartly in alignment with KPIs and objectives

Manage all tasks in a single place – worklogs & timesheets

Communicate & collaborate effectively

Report quickly & automatically

Create task smartly in alignment with KPIs and objectives

  • Aligned with KPIs (SSKPI) and objectives in the ecosystem
  • Assign tasks with clear description, priority and timeline
  • Classify assigner, assignee and monitor

Manage all tasks in a single place – worklogs & timesheets

  • Visualize progress by listview, boardview, Gantt chart
  • Monitor: My task, Related tasks and Project tasks
  • Notify members the due date and alert overdue tasks

Communicate & collaborate effectively

  • Discuss by adding comments
  • Suggest solutions with related documents (attached files, meeting notes,…)
  • Keep track of all activity history (discussion, documents, comments)

Report quickly & automatically

  • Drag and drop to update task status in a minute
  • Provide precise data on dashboard by real-time tracking
  • Report in detail on goal achievements for individuals, teams and businesses

The perks of SSTASK

What are key strengths of our task management software?


Developed by an experienced team of CEOs, project managers and senior managers.


Applying management by objectives method: goals setting - action planning – task implementing – performance evaluating


Linking tasks closely and directly with KPIs, addressing the tracking problems and performance evaluation issues


Protected by modern data security technology. Minimally designed, helps users manipulate quickly - neatly - effectively

Our customer feedback

SSTASK - Effective management, higher performance

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